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Inno Setup Third-Party Files

The programs listed here are not officially endorsed or supported. These links are only provided for your convenience. If you have any question regarding one of these programs please direct it to the program's author. Except where otherwise noted, these programs are free.


Title Author Description
Visual & Installer / RAD & Installer (both: not free) unSigned Softworks Visual Studio / RAD Studio extensions for creating Inno Setup installers. Also contain Graphical Installer Wizard, an optional tool for creating skinned installers based on Graphical Installer.
Inno Setup for Visual Studio Code Jan T. Sott Visual Studio Code extension with language syntax, snippets and build system for Inno Setup.
Inno Script Studio Kymoto Solutions A GUI front-end for creating and editing Inno Setup Scripts. Includes run-time debugging support.
Install Designer (not free) unSigned Softworks An easy-to-use GUI which helps you design custom forms.
Inno Setup Dependency Installer DomGries Inno Setup Dependency Installer can download and install any dependency such as .NET, Visual C++ or SQL Server Express Redistributable during your application's installation process.
DwinsHs Han-soft Starting with Inno Setup 6.1 there's built-in support for downloading but this Inno Setup script offers some features which are not offered by the built-in version such as FTP support and support for mirror sources. Note: unlike the built-in version this script is not safe to use from services.
VCL Styles for Inno Setup / ISSkin / Graphical Installer (latter: not free) Rodrigo Ruz / Codejock Software / unSigned Softworks Tools that add customizable skin support to Inno Setup installations.
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker Kindly A simple to use utility that allows you to create update patches for various types of applications.
UninsHs Han-soft An extension for Inno Setup that allows you to add repair, modify and remove support to your applications.
JavaInfo.dll Bill Stewart A Windows DLL that provides information about whether Java is installed and its properties. Includes an Inno Setup sample script.
PathMgr.dll Bill Stewart A Windows DLL to manage the system and user path in the registry. Includes an Inno Setup sample script.
Inno Setup Toolbar Advanced for VB6 Martin P. Rizal Deploy applications straight from your Visual Basic 6.0 projects via Inno Setup by using this Visual Basic Add-In.
InnoScript (not free) Randem Systems, Inc. Converts Visual Basic Project (.vbp) files into Inno Setup's ISS files.
innounp QuickeneR and Ariman An unpacker to get the files out of an Inno Setup installer without running it.


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