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Stable Release

Inno Setup 6 introduced a number of significant enhancements including:

OS requirements change: Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 are no longer supported. Windows Vista is the minimum supported operating system.

Change in default behavior: Starting with Inno Setup 6 there's only one version available: Unicode Inno Setup. Unicode Inno Setup has been available for 9 years but in case you have not yet updated to it: please see the Unicode Inno Setup topic in the help file for more information. Basically, unless you're using [Code] to make DLL calls with string parameters you shouldn't have to make any changes to your script.

What's new in this version?

Filename Download Sites Downloads Date Description
innosetup-6.0.5.exe Random site
605,291 2020-05-21 Unicode Inno Setup self-installing package.

Remember to check the Inno Setup FAQ for solutions to common problems. Also see the Third-Party Files page for some useful tools, and translations of Setup into other languages.

QuickStart Pack

The Inno Setup QuickStart Pack includes Inno Setup itself and additionally includes an option to install the Inno Script Studio script editor. This script editor is not official and is not required for general usage, but makes Inno Setup easier to use. See the Third-Party Files page for more information.

The Inno Setup QuickStart Pack also includes an option to download and install official encryption support.

Filename Download Sites Downloads Date Description
innosetup-qsp-6.0.5.exe Random site
329,789 2020-05-21 Unicode Inno Setup QuickStart Pack self-installing package.

Encryption Module

For legal reasons, encryption code is not built into Inno Setup. You must download a separate "encryption module" if you wish to utilize Inno Setup's encryption capabilities (that is, the Encryption [Setup] section directive). Note: The above QuickStart Pack can download and install it for you.

Filename Download Sites Downloads Size Description
ISCrypt.dll Netherlands 1,258,365 2.5 KB Encryption module for Inno Setup.
To install, simply place the file in your Inno Setup directory.
sha256 hash: 2f6294f9aa09f59a574b5dcd33be54e16b39377984f3d5658cda44950fa0f8fc
ISCrypt.zip Netherlands 355,316 2 KB Source code for the encryption module.
sha256 hash: 0569ffe1677ba699d07063a902d48c2f92c8e88669bdc13118f5808c30e998bc

Beta Release

Inno Setup 6.1 introduces a large number of changes. You are welcome to discuss its features on the forum.

Some features included in Inno Setup 6.1 are:

  • Per-user fonts are now supported if Setup is running on Windows 10 Version 1803 and later.

  • Various improvements have been made to the Setup Compiler:
    • If the script uses Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) functionality, the Setup Compiler now automatically shows the preprocessor output in a tab so you can check it. This can be turned off in the options.
    • The Setup Compiler now automatically opens (up to 10) #include files in tabs which allow you to edit and debug these files from within the Setup Compiler. The list of #include files is updated after opening a new main file and after each compilation. This can be turned off in the options. If the option is not turned off, a new Save All menu item is added to the File menu.
    • If #include files are modified since last compile, the script is now automatically re-compiled before running it. This works even if the option to automatically open #include files is turned off.
    • Added new Next Tab and Previous Tab menu items to the View menu.
    • Added new topic to the help file explaining the various integrated debugger menu items in the Run menu which can be used to debug your [Code] section.
    • Improved highlighting for the [CustomMessages] and [Messages] sections.
    • Added new MessageBox Designer menu item to the Tools menu to design and insert MsgBox or TaskDialogMsgBox calls for the [Code] section.
    • Added new Step Out menu item to the Run menu to unpause Setup until it reaches the end of the current function, then pause it on the next line.
    • Added buttons to the Welcome dialog to Donate to support Inno Setup (Thank you!) and to Subscribe to the Inno Setup Mailing List to be notified by e-mail of new Inno Setup releases.
    • The Run Parameters dialog now shows a list of most recently used parameters.

  • Pascal Scripting now supports downloading files:
    • Added new DownloadTemporaryFile support function to download files without using a third-party tool:
      • Supports HTTPS (but not expired or self-signed certificates) and HTTP.
      • Redirects are automatically followed and proxy settings are automatically used.
      • Safe to use from services unlike existing third-party tools.
      • Supports SHA-256 hash checking of the downloaded file.
      • Supports basic authentication.
    • Added new CreateDownloadPage support function to easily show the download progress to the user. See the new CodeDownloadFiles.iss example script for an example.

  • Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) now has new functions to more easily compare version numbers and similar Pascal Scripting changes have been done for [Code].
  • Setup's prompts to overwrite or keep existing files have been made more user friendly.
  • The console-mode compiler (ISCC) now colorizes warnings and errors.
  • Fix: Pascal Scripting support function WizardSelectComponents now also updates component sizes and the current selection's required disk space.
  • Fix: Inno Setup 6.0.5 no longer supported Windows Vista.
  • Many more improvements and new features.

For the complete list of what's new/changed, see: What's new in this beta version?

Change in default behavior: Starting with Inno Setup 6.1 the [Setup] section directive MinVersion defaults to 6.1sp1, so by default Setup will not run on Windows Vista or on versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which have not been updated. Setting MinVersion to 6.0 to allow Setup to run on Windows Vista is supported but not recommended: Windows Vista doesn't support some of Setup's security measures against potential DLL preloading attacks so these have to be removed by the compiler if MinVersion is below 6.1 making your installer less secure on all versions of Windows.

Contributions via GitHub: Thanks to Gavin Lambert and Sergii Leonov for their contributions.

Beta releases are not recommended for production use.

Filename Download Sites DLs Date Description
innosetup-6.1.0-beta.exe Random site
3,061 2020-09-13 Inno Setup self-installing package.
innosetup-qsp-6.1.0-beta.exe Random site
2,056 2020-09-13 Inno Setup QuickStart Pack self-installing package.

Source Code

You can get the Inno Setup source code via GitHub. Latest sources obtained via GitHub may contain fixes or new features not found in the latest released version of Inno Setup. However, those fixes and new features may not have yet been fully tested.

View the Revision History file in Git.

To contribute to Inno Setup, see CONTRIBUTING.md on GitHub for more info.

For more Inno Setup-related downloads, see Third-Party Files.

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