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Toolbar97 Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 2000-01-23

Here are answers to some of the top questions I receive regarding Toolbar97.

Is Toolbar97 Y2K compliant?
Yes. It does not handle dates in any way.

How can I make my TToolWindow97 components resizable when docked, much like MS Developer Studio?
Currently TToolWindow97 cannot be resized when docked. Right now TToolWindow97 is, for what it's worth, TToolbar97 minus the special resizing and control arrangement. I definitely do plan to implement DevStudio/Delphi 4-style dockable windows in the future, and likely it will come in Toolbar2000.

I'm trying to create a dockable menu bar out of TToolbar97 and TToolbarButton97 components. I assigned a DropdownMenu to each of the buttons. Problem is, when I click one of the buttons the menu is displayed, but then moving the mouse over other buttons does not cause their menus to drop down automatically. What gives?
Short answer: TToolbarButton97 isn't designed to work as a full-blown menu bar. The DropdownMenu property was designed with simple dropdown menus in mind. Changing it to work as a fully-functional menu bar is not an easy task -- it would require setting up of hooks to handle every aspect of the menu bar behavior (i.e. mouse movement, left and right arrow keys, etc.). Since Toolbar2000 will support this (in fact, it already does in the currently released demo), I have decided against hacking on menu bar support in Toolbar97 1.x.

I've upgraded to a new version of Toolbar97, and now I get a "Property does not exist" error message when I run my project. How do I fix this?
This typically happens when you have two or more different versions of Toolbar97 in Delphi/C++Builder's Library Path (which is set under Environment Options in Delphi/C++Builder), causing a conflict. Do a search on your system for tb97*.pas and tb97*.dcu files, and either move the older versions of Toolbar97 out of the Library Path or delete them.

This error might also occur if you have not recompiled the Toolbar97 package file after installing the new version. See the Installation section of the Toolbar97 documentation for details on compiling the Toolbar97 package.

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