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Toolbar97 Downloads

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The Toolbar97 .zip file must be extracted with an unzipping program that supports long filenames, and it must be configured to recreate the directory structure (in WinZip, make sure the Use Folder Names box is checked).

Filename Date Size Description
tb97_180.zip 2004-02-23 138 KB Toolbar97 version 1.8 for Delphi 2.0-7.0 and C++Builder 1.0-6.0.
What's New

Toolbar97 is free and open source, but no longer officially supported.

md5sum: a3f736f8580bf1e400c8ea2a905a0ce7
tb97edits.zip 1998-11-02 4 KB Versions of Toolbar97's TEdit97 component that are derived from TDBEdit and TCustomMaskEdit instead of TCustomEdit.
Others' Stuff
dbnav97.zip 1999-02-16 19 KB DBNavigator97 component (Release 5) by Arsène von Wyss, with updates by Kurt Bilde.

The TDBNavigator97 component is just like TDBNavigator, but uses Toolbar97's TToolbarButton97 component for its buttons and is able to be resized when placed on a floating TToolbar97. Demo projects for Delphi 2, 3, and 4 are included.
Release 4 is the previous version. Release 3 is the last version that supported Toolbar97 1.63 and earlier.
tb97editor-2.zip 2000-05-27 13 KB TB97Editor by Jan Erik Christensen (revision 2).

Adds a design-time dialog which automates adding standard buttons such as Open, Save, and Cut to a toolbar, including glyphs and hints. Refer to the included Readme.txt file for details on usage and installation.
tbtntb97.zip 2000-02-29 2 KB TButtonsToolbar97 by Alexander Grischenko.

A TToolbar97 descendant component with properties such as Flat, Images, and Layout that automatically propogate to child TToolbarButton97 components.
To install, unzip this into your Toolbar97 directory. Then open the Toolbar97 package file, add TBtnTB97.pas to it, and recompile it. Or on Delphi 2/C++Builder 1, simply recompile the component library.
Translations of Toolbar97's TB97Cnst.pas
TB97Cnst-BPortuguese.zip 2000-01-08 1 KB Brazilian Portuguese translation by Marcus Vinicius Neves.
TB97Cnst-Dutch.zip 2000-01-17 1 KB Dutch translation by Stéphane Vandenbussche.
TB97Cnst-French.zip 1999-08-30 1 KB French translation by Stéphane Vandenbussche.
TB97Cnst-German.zip 1999-12-20 1 KB German translation by Christof Schelian.
TB97Cnst-Italian.zip 1999-12-03 1 KB Italian translation by Luca Botti.
TB97Cnst-Korean.zip 2000-03-15 1 KB Korean translation by Baek UnYoung.
TB97Cnst-Russian.zip 1999-08-23 1 KB Russian translation by Alexander Grischenko.
TB97Cnst-Spanish.zip 1999-10-01 1 KB Spanish translation by Ivan Ruiz.
TB97Cnst-Turkish.zip 1999-12-05 1 KB Turkish translation by Adnan Yusuf.
Old Stuff
tb97_147.zip 1997-06-26 61 KB Toolbar97 version 1.47. The last version that was compatible with Delphi 1.0.
I do not provide any support for this version.

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