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Toolbar2000 Downloads

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The Toolbar2000 .zip file must be extracted with an unzipping program that supports long filenames, and it must be configured to recreate the directory structure (in WinZip, make sure the Use Folder Names box is checked).


Toolbar2000 may be used under your choice of the following licenses:

  1. The Toolbar2000 License. If the applications in which you will use Toolbar2000 are closed-source/proprietary (e.g., commercial or shareware), this is your only option. If you or your organization are profiting from those applications, you are required to register.
  2. The GNU General Public License. In order to use Toolbar2000 under this license, your applications as a whole must likewise be GPL-licensed (refer to section 2b of the GPL license).


Filename Date Size Description
tb2k-2.2.2.zip 2008-09-25 347 KB Toolbar2000 version 2.2.2 for Delphi 4.0 through 2009 and C++Builder 4.0 through 2009.
What's New

Should you require them, some older versions of Toolbar2000 are also available for download.
tb2k-2.2.2-demo.zip 2008-09-25 227 KB A compiled EXE which demonstrates some of Toolbar2000's capabilities.


You can get the very latest sources via CVS. Sources obtained via CVS may contain fixes or new features not found in the latest released version of Toolbar2000. However, those fixes and new features may not have yet been fully tested.

For a list of the latest changes in CVS, see the ChangeLog (updated at 10 minute intervals).

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