Toolbar2000 anonymous CVS access

Connecting to the CVS server indicates acceptance of the Toolbar2000 License Agreement.

How do I download the Toolbar2000 sources via CVS?

  1. Download the latest Stable build of CVS for Windows. (Note: These instructions apply to the command-line version of CVS, not the graphical WinCVS.)
  2. Open up a Command Prompt window.
  3. Windows 9x/Me users only: CVS expects a HOME environment variable to be set. To do this, type in "SET HOME=C:" at the command prompt before using CVS.
  4. Perform a "checkout" to download the sources:
      cvs -z3 checkout -P tb2k
    You should then have the sources under a directory called "tb2k".
  5. When you want to update your sources against the CVS repository, change to the "tb2k" directory, and execute:
      cvs -z3 update -dP
    (It's not necessary to set CVSROOT before doing an update.)

Why does it download so slowly?

Please be sure you are using -z3 as shown above on commands that transfer a lot of data (like "checkout" or "update") because it activates data compression. If you're using WinCVS, please set the "TCP/IP Compression" option to 3.

I don't want the very latest version of the sources. How do I obtain a specific version?

You can do this by adding -r tagname to the end of your checkout or update command, where tagname is a tag name such as:
If you later want to revert back to the latest sources, execute:
   cvs -z3 update -dPA