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Miscellaneous Downloads

This page contains various free programs & code written by me (unless otherwise indicated). Support/updates for them is not guaranteed.


A front-end for CVS which I'm developing.

XPTheme.pas (2001-12-26)

For Delphi 2 and later

This unit enables support for Windows XP visual styles in Delphi applications.

HintShadow.pas (2001-12-22)

For Delphi 3 through 6

This unit will enable drop shadows on Hints when your program is running on Windows XP. To use: simply add "HintShadow" to your main form's "uses" clause.

Command Prompt Here (2000-06-23)

For Windows NT and 2000

This adds an item named "Command Prompt Here" to the context menus of folders in Windows Explorer which, when selected, opens a command prompt window (cmd.exe) with the folder as the current directory. It can also be adapted to work with JP Software's 4NT; just replace cmd.exe with 4nt.exe.

Inno Pascal

An experimental x86 Pascal compiler, with source (GPL license).

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