[Setup]: WizardSizePercent


a,b, where a is the horizontal size, and b is the vertical size.

Valid values:

each size: 100 through 150

Default value:

120,120 if WizardStyle is set to modern, 100,100 otherwise

Lets you increase the default size of all Setup and Uninstall wizard windows without increasing the font size. A size of for example 120 means a 20% size increase.

If you specify only one size it will be used as both the horizontal and the vertical size.


Use Anchors and KeepSizeY properties to add full support for WizardResizable and WizardSizePercent to all your custom controls and wizard pages if you have any. See the CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.

Note: Some of the wizard windows such as the Select Language dialog will only increase in size horizontally.

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