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HOWTO: Deploy Windows Script Runtime (scrrun.dll)

Article Created: 2004-03-12 18:27 GMT by Jordan Russell
Last Updated: 2007-01-21 20:32 GMT by Jordan Russell

How to deploy scrrun.dll and the rest of Windows Script Runtime

This shows how you can deploy the Windows Script Runtime. Note that on Windows NT 4.0, users must have Internet Explorer 3.02 or later installed, according to the Microsoft web site.

  1. Download scr56en.exe (Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT 4.0).
  2. Download scripten.exe (Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP).
  3. Add these lines to your script:
    Source: "scr56en.exe"; DestDir: "{tmp}"; MinVersion: 4.1,4.0; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,4.01
    Source: "scripten.exe"; DestDir: "{tmp}"; MinVersion: 0,5.0; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,5.02
    ; Install Windows 98, Me, and NT 4.0 version
    Filename: "{tmp}\scr56en.exe"; Parameters: "/r:n /q:1"; MinVersion: 4.1,4.0; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,4.01
    ; Install Windows 2000 and XP version
    Filename: "{tmp}\scripten.exe"; Parameters: "/r:n /q:1"; MinVersion: 0,5.0; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,5.02
    (If you are not targeting Windows 98, Me, or NT 4.0, then you may omit the scr56en.exe lines.)

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