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FAQ: I have a question about [some program not listed on jrsoftware.org]

Article Created: 2005-08-04 18:23 GMT by Jordan Russell
Last Updated: 2006-11-07 20:02 GMT by Jordan Russell

If a program isn't listed on my web site (www.jrsoftware.org), I have nothing to do with it and cannot answer any questions about it. Just because you came across my name or web site address while peering inside a program's files doesn't mean I produced that program; it just means whoever did was a user of my software.

"Okay, but who should I contact for help, then?"

Whoever makes the program.

"But I don't know who makes the program."

Check the program's About box, or do a search for the program's name with Google.

"I did that but couldn't find any contact information."

Then I guess you're out of luck...

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