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PRB: Setup isn't replacing a particular file

Article Created: 2003-10-29 22:48 GMT by Jordan Russell
Last Updated: 2005-01-06 00:49 GMT by Jordan Russell

Compare the version numbers on the existing file and the new file by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer and selecting Properties. By default, Inno Setup will not replace an existing file unless the existing file has no version info or has a lower version number.

If you're using a version of Windows prior to Windows 2000 and the new file appears to have a higher version number according to Windows Explorer, then it may be that the binary version number ("FILEVERSION") is not in sync with (e.g. lower than) the textual version number. The binary version numbers are what Inno Setup actually compares.

The /LOG switch available in Inno Setup 4.2.1 and later can be handy here. The log will show the binary version numbers of files and why certain files were not replaced.

If you want to force a file to be replaced regardless of its version number, add the ignoreversion flag to the [Files] section entry. This flag should only be used on files private to your application, never on shared system files.

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