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PRB: Using "lzma" or "bzip" compression results in a larger installation

Article Created: 2003-11-20 21:32 GMT by Jordan Russell
Last Updated: 2004-04-10 19:00 GMT by Jordan Russell

If your installation consists primarily or exclusively of already-compressed files, such as JPEG images or UPX-compressed EXE files, it is possible that using Compression=lzma (the default) or Compression=bzip will result in a larger installation than Compression=zip.

The reason is that unlike the other algorithms, zip has a unique property: it will not expand uncompressible data. lzma, on the other hand, expands uncompressible data approximately 1.35%, and bzip approximately 0.47%.

In the case of Compression=bzip, there is an additional overhead of about 8 KB because a decompression DLL has to be included.

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