[Types] section

This section is optional. It defines all of the setup types Setup will show on the Select Components page of the wizard. During compilation a set of default setup types is created if you define components in a [Components] section but don't define types. If you are using the default (English) messages file, these types are the same as the types in the example below.

Here is an example of a [Types] section:

Name: "full"; Description: "Full installation"
Name: "compact"; Description: "Compact installation"
Name: "custom"; Description: "Custom installation"; Flags: iscustom

The following is a list of the supported parameters:

Name  (Required)

The internal name of the type. Used as parameter for components in the [Components] section to instruct Setup to which types a component belongs.

Name: "full"
Description  (Required)

The description of the type, which can include constants. This description is shown during installation.

Description: "Full installation"

This parameter is a set of extra options. Multiple options may be used by separating them by spaces. The following options are supported:


Instructs Setup that the type is a custom type. Whenever the end user manually changes the components selection during installation, Setup will set the setup type to the custom type. Note that if you don't define a custom type, Setup will only allow the user to choose a setup type and they can no longer manually select/unselect components.

Only one type may include this flag.

Flags: iscustom

Common Parameters