[Setup]: UserInfoPage

Valid values:

Default value:


If this is set to yes, Setup will show a User Information wizard page which asks for the user's name, organization and possibly a serial number. The values the user enters are stored in the {userinfoname}, {userinfoorg} and {userinfoserial} constants. You can use these constants in [Registry] or [INI] entries to save their values for later use.

For the serial number field to appear, a CheckSerial event function must be present.

The DefaultUserInfoName, DefaultUserInfoOrg and DefaultUserInfoSerial directives determine the default name, organization and serial number shown. If UsePreviousUserInfo is yes (the default) and Setup finds that a previous version of the same application is already installed, it will use the name, organization and serial number entered previously instead.

On silent installs, the default user name, organization, and serial number values will be assumed. Setup will not check whether the user name is blank (since the user has no way of correcting it), however it will still check the serial number.