Installation Order

Once the actual installation process begins, this is the order in which the various installation tasks are performed:

All entries are processed by the installer in the order they appear in a section.

Changes are undone by the uninstaller in the opposite order in which the installer made them. This is because the uninstall log is parsed from end to beginning.

In this example:

Filename: "{win}\MYPROG.INI"; Section: "InstallSettings"; Flags: uninsdeletesectionifempty
Filename: "{win}\MYPROG.INI"; Section: "InstallSettings"; Key: "InstallPath"; String: "{app}"; Flags: uninsdeleteentry

the installer will first record the data for first entry's uninsdeletesectionifempty flag in the uninstall log, create the key of the second entry, and then record the data for the uninsdeleteentry flag in the uninstall log. When the program is uninstalled, the uninstaller will first process the uninsdeleteentry flag, deleting the entry, and then the uninsdeletesectionifempty flag, deleting the section.

Note that the uninstaller processes [UninstallRun] and [UninstallDelete] entries in the same order they appear in the script (not in reverse order).