Compiler IDE Keyboard Commands

Besides the keyboard commands listed in the menus, the Compiler IDE supports the following additional keyboard commands:

Indent block.Tab
Unindent block.Shift+Tab
Delete to start of word.Ctrl+Backspace
Delete to end of word.Ctrl+Delete
Delete to start of line.Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Delete to end of line.Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Go to start of document. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+Home
Go to start of line.Alt+Home
Go to end of document. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+End
Go to end of line.Alt+End
Scroll up.Ctrl+Up
Scroll down.Ctrl+Down
Cut line.Ctrl+L
Copy line.Ctrl+Shift+T
Delete line.Ctrl+Shift+L
Switch line with previous.Ctrl+T
Duplicate selection or line.Ctrl+D
Go to previous paragraph. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+[
Go to next paragraph. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+]
Go to previous word. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+Left
Go to next word. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+Right
Go to previous word part. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+/
Go to next word part. Shift extends selection.Ctrl+\
Rectangular block selection.Alt+Shift+Movement
Extend rectangular selection to start of line.Alt+Shift+Home
Extend rectangular selection to end of line.Alt+Shift+End
Complete word.Ctrl+Space or Alt+Right
Fillup complete word.Space (for ISPP directives) or \ (for constants) or : (for constants and section parameters) or ] (for sections) or = (for section directives) or Tab or Enter.
Cancel complete word.Esc