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Contact Me

If you have a support question related to my products, please post on the newsgroups (discussion forums). You will generally receive a fast and thorough response if you post your questions on the newsgroups since a very large number of users are at your disposal. To access the newsgroups without a special program (a "newsreader"), there is a web-based interface that may be used.

Please do not send Inno Setup-related support questions directly to me via e-mail; they will not be answered. Given Inno Setup's current and ever-increasing popularity, it is no longer possible for me to answer such questions on a one-to-one basis. Always use the Inno Setup newsgroups instead.

If you wish to contact me privately -- and you do not have a support question related to Inno Setup -- you can e-mail me at: jr-2010 AT jrsoftware.org.

When sending bug reports...

When e-mailing me regarding a possible bug, be sure to mention these things:

  • The name and exact version of my product that the bug occurs on.
  • Which OS you are running or have tested on (i.e. Windows 98, NT 4.0, etc.).
  • Exactly what the problem is. (Don't merely say "feature X doesn't work.")
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem, if possible.
  • For Toolbar97/2000, please also mention the Delphi or C++Builder version you are using, and attach source code to a project which reproduces the problem if possible.
    For Inno Setup, please attach a copy of your script (.iss) file, and any other files pertinent to reproducing the bug.

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